Welcome to Giliath, a world like no other. Will you enter and discover your liaisons with the light or the darkness? Will you follow the paths of the ancients
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 Welcome To Giliath

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PostSubject: Welcome To Giliath   Thu Apr 07, 2016 6:41 pm



Whether you would like to join us full time, or part time, are new to RP, or experienced - we would like to meet you.

It takes many roles to make an immersive and fun roleplay. Our residents range from the serious roleplayer to the casual player. We do not require that you 'be something'. If you want to be a citizen, a traveler, or a merchant, that is good too.

The lands of Giliath and Calendriel are a culmination of many imaginations. They are not based on any book, TV series, or movie. If you require a fandom or some real life event in order to play, you may not be a good fit for our sim, UNLESS you are creative and imaginative. There may be ways to mesh into our story weave.

For example: You may play an elf and choose to use influences from a book you read or movie you saw such as Lord of the Rings. That’s fine. Just go a little further and make your character your own. Just remember all elves do not think as you do. They may be from an imaginary place rather than one created somewhere in popular culture. It will make it a lot of fun to be open-minded. I promise.

If you need help - please ask.

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Welcome To Giliath
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